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EXCLUSIVE #Disability Discrimination means Son is removed from Home?

This post, by Jayne Linney, should be shared far and wide, so that society can see that the bad old days are truly back with us again, where officials can make up whatever they please, in order to get the result they want!

It sickens me that, once again, the authorities are interfering in the lives of the disabled and, to take away this disabled lady’s son, while using such a spurious result as the test they put her through, and without allowing her to have any representative present when it happened, makes me feel as if we are going back to a time where the disabled had no say at all in what was done to them.

I hope and pray that this lady finds an advocate, to help her fight this, so that her son is reunited with her as soon as possible!


The following true tale is the introduction into what will be a series of posts regarding a seeming miscarriage of justice and potential disability discrimination; names have been changed to protect the identities of these involved. The purpose of this post is to help the family concerned achieve real justice; please share as widely as possible.

Alison is a single parent of14 year old Adam, both live with various diagnosed and pending diagnosis health disorders including Fibromyalgia and Elhers Danos; Alison is also Autistic and symptoms suggest Adam is as well.

Due to Adams health, he found it difficult to cope with school from the beginning and despite special educational needs intervention, including one to one lessons he struggled experiencing bullying which resulted in him developing depression. These experiences became worse during Adams transition from junior to senior school, so much so that in 2015, Alison began to home educate…

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