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Function follows form – The Tories – re-forming humanity

Having just read this, and then followed the link provided, which took me to the original posting by the Black Triangle Campaign – – I really feel that this should be shared as mush as possible, through every social media outlet that is possible.
The last thing the disabled of the UK needs right now, is a general concensus that it’s okay to treat us as the Nazi’s treated their disabled – and the Tory Government has already had a 7 year start on their campaign to belittle us, and eventually get rid of us, through any means – fair or foul!

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


Designers have a saying, ‘form follows function’, it means understanding what something is for, what its use is, before they start messing with it’s structural form. A chair has a very specific function, supporting someone who desires to sit. It can support other functions, as a platform to stand on, a low step ladder, and could be designed to facilitate both functions. The eventual form it takes will, hopefully, satisfy both functions well. Badly designed, it will not, or will not satisfy them with ease, practicality and comfort.

The Tories have turned this on its head. They are re-forming the psychology of being human to satisfy a function which they are attempting to dictate. As far as they are concerned, our function is to be working stock, with no other considerations. If we are not capable of work, in their shallow definition of work, employable, profit making, work, then we…

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A Moving Speech at the Labour Party Conference . . .

A lady called Paula Peters expressed what so very many Disabled people are feeling today, and I thank her for the words she spoke, as they conveyed just how I feel about our treatment in the hands of the Tory government!
Now all we need to do, is get every Labour MP on side, and doing their best to fight for the rights we’ve fought hard and long for over the decades!

Please follow the link and listen?

A Moving Speech at the Labour Party Conference

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The Hellish Ordeal of the DWP Experience . . .

I’v just read an article in the Morning Star, and it really reflects the way I felt, and behaved, while going through my changeover from DLA to PIP at the beginning of this year.

To add to the stress and strains, along with paranoia, I was also grieving, which made my mental health so bad, I completely stopped the crochet I love doing, which helps to keep me as relaxed as my pain allows, both physically and mentally.

It took a good 8 months, from the start of my assessment period, for me to get back a, rather fragile at times, peace.

Do follow this link to the article, and see if you’ve had the same experience, too:

The Hellish Ordeal of the DWP Experience


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ESA medical assessments, the reality. My experience this week. 

This really is the reality of life under a tory government in 2017 – it should be called what it actually is – systematic torture!

The poor side of life

Apologises for the extra blog, I meant to post it yesterday but I have been far too busy to do so. Such is life it seems these days.
A lady that comes to speak to me at our demo every week had an appointment to attend her ESA assessment. I asked her if she had a family member or a friend that could take her but she said that she didn’t, and the reason why I asked this is because it’s always best if a person that knows them well attends the medical with them. This is because they know the person far better than any person from an outside organisation can ever do. However, we do offer very good advice on how to handle the so called medical etc. This is essential.

Because this wasn’t possible, I volunteered myself to accompany her. I didn’t have the money to do…

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If our government won’t act to save our NHS this winter, this is what we must do | openDemocracy

Source: If our government won’t act to save our NHS this winter, this is what we must do | openDemocracy

These are the beginning words to an article we should all read, and try to do something about, however small the action is. If it means signing petitions, going on organised protest marches, or anything else thought of, we should all do our bit to save an institution that has saved many of our lives in the past, and will, hopefully, still be doing in the future – if we all fight together:

Ministers have ignored a strident “winter warning” from NHS Providers – the body that represents NHS and foundation trusts. The government is determined to stick to their plan to freeze NHS budgets for the decade to 2020 even as costs and population rise.

England’s hospitals and other NHS providers warned that if an extra £350m were not found by August at the latest, we will face another winter crisis even worse than the situation last year.

It’s the middle of September, and there’s no extra cash, and none promised. . . . . . . . . . .


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Tories’ evil sanction regime in a horrific nutshell

This is the face of the Tory Government in 2017.
Deliberate, vindictive, abuse of power, that totally ignores the hell they are putting people through – just because they aren’t rich and successful!
Why aren’t the British Public standing up and telling them that they are wrong?
Why are the Media of Britain staying silent on stories such as this one, when it would be so easy to let the public know what’s been happening for the last 7 years?
Why has our once-caring society turned into people who don’t give a damn – unless it’s affecting them personally?
Unless something is done, and soon, there will be even more deaths than the thousands that have already occured since the tories took power, and it could so easily have been people, such as Vince and Julie Rodger, who were left to suffer in silence!
Please share this story as much as you can, and get people seeing what is happening in this country?


dwpp3The Tories have been censured by the UN for their vile abuse of disabled people and benefit claimants – not a fact that you will see much mentioned in the mainstream media, apart from small articles tucked away in website corners.

Even such news fails to bring home the full horror of the regime of routine abuse that the government has constructed against vulnerable people. It speaks eloquently of the international disgrace that the Conservatives have brought on this country, but less of the awful reality of that everyday abuse.

For that, we need human stories. This is one.

The husband of a severely disabled woman received a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). Unsurprisingly, as he’s her primary and busy caregiver, by the morning of the appointment he’d forgotten about it. He told their story on Facebook:

dj82jzdx0ai5gzvFor missing that appointment, the DWP removed Mrs Rodger’s…

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Today’s demo. Tuesdays extra demo.

Yet another example of the sheer good will, of these wonderful people who, like Charlotte, help so many people out in their struggles with the DWP!

The poor side of life

I arrived for our weekly demo a few minutes late, I unexpectedly met a friend of mine who wanted to join us this morning. I was so happy to see her because she has been a tremendous support to myself regarding my personal life.

I had a tough few years and both her and her brother who has sadly passed away were a tremendous support to both myself and my daughter. It cheered me up no end seeing her.
As we approached the Jobcentre out of nowhere Gordon had appeared and there was a small crowd of people waiting for help, advice and food parcels.  My first job was to talk to them all individually and assess what their situation is and what help that they can access locally.

Some don’t want to approach local organisations for whatever reason but I do talk to them every week and one day…

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