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It’s not ‘risk’ that people will ask how long May knew. We’re asking NOW

These really are questions that should have been asked when the facts first came to light but, once again, the Tory government think themselves above the Law – and why shouldn’t they?
Every scandal that has come to light since they got into power has been whitewashed over, and nothing ever gets done!
You’d think the Police Force were complicit with the cover-ups, wouldn’t you?


ITV politics editor Robert Peston has posted his analysis of Tory MPs’ fears that the ‘Tory sex pest’ scandal will bring down the government – and it’s anotherexample of the effects of the so-called ‘Westminster bubble’.

Peston’s commentary is interesting and on point – until he reaches a key paragraph in his analysis:

may risk pestonPeston appears to think that there is a risk that the story will ‘move’ to how long Theresa May has known about the sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by her Cabinet ministers and MPs – and why she hasn’t acted before now.

He appears to be basing that assessment on the fact that, so far, few voices in the ‘MSM’ are asking those question – but it ignores the fact that the vast majority of people not in Westminster or the media are already asking those questions and more.

It’s not a risk. It’s a reality. Right

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Huge win for left as right-wing Birmingham bastion starts to crumble

Well Done to the Hodge Hill CLP, for getting Democracy another step closer to reality!


bham rainbow.pngThe West Midlands have long been a bastion of the least pleasant face of right-wing Labour. Birmingham’s nominally-Labour council has been at the heart of the ongoing dispute over the city’s refuse collections, having made a deal with its workers to then renege on it, threaten them with redundancy and lose its court battle humiliatingly in an attempt to block a union injunction.

Birmingham Labour board tried hard to exploit the rules to prevent the city’s new, pro-Corbyn membership majority having a vote in the selection of council candidates for 2018, until it was effectively overruled by Jeremy Corbyn – and even then it slipped through a measure to block an extra six months’ worth of members.

Birmingham Labour MPs formed a core of the ‘chicken coup’, with many publicly calling on Corbyn to resign after the referendum and claiming he was ‘leading the party into oblivion’ – which, after…

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Mental warfare – a battle for our minds

This is all so true but, while the Tories and their super-rich buddies have the MSM at their fingertips, the terrible lies they keep spouting, will keep brainwashing people into believing their messages – whether it’s for their own good, or not 😦

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


I feel as if someone has been drilling holes in my mind and filling them with poison.

I am passionate about social justice and I am passionate about democracy, bottom up, that is, not top down.

The Tories are wiping out people based on an insane binary view of humanity as either strivers or scroungers.

I get it, I’m neither blind nor stupid, but what I don’t get is the passive regurgitation of this nonsense as if it were something other than genocide by pathological homicidal maniacs.

But what we first have to understand in this war of attrition being waged against us, is that it is first and foremost an attack on our minds. Pushing, nudging, bludgeoning with lies and meaningless sound bites and mind numbing psychobabble.

Making sure work always pays by punishing and reducing people to zero income is the work of monsters. Starved to death I…

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The Daily Politics

The fact that the BBC are using our money, while totally pandering to the tory party line, is something that really gets my goat!
If I refuse to pay for my license, because I object to the way my money is being used in such a direct anti-Labour way, I’d be fined, and then jailed for non-payment of the fine – and yet the BBC still gets away with this terrible bias, in spite of the wishes of us license payers!

Guy Debord's Cat

Many of us already know the BBC’s attitude to the reporting of political stories is less than objective. The Daily Politics, the corporation’s flagship politics programme on BBC2 has long been the subject of a great deal of ire. Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, the overall tone of the programme has been increasingly anti-Labour but more specifically, anti-Corbyn. Any story that can be spun to cast Labour and Corbyn in a bad light is often seized upon with both hands.

Today was no different. The show’s host, Jo Coburn, pursued the Jared O’Mara sexism story not once but twice. First, she asked Nu Labourite, Chris Leslie, then she asked Dawn Butler. Why is that? Because it’s pretty obvious that The Daily Politics, far from being impartial, is at the forefront of a pro-Tory propaganda exercise in which any anti-Labour story, no matter how trivial, is promoted…

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EXCLUSIVE: People on Universal Credit are being refused prescriptions and dental care

. . . and yet again, the Tories are hitting those who feel it hardest, in their chronic attempt at making us believe that Universal Credit is best for us!
Best for us?
Best for the money-grubbing swine who own shares in all the big money-making private firms who are all too quickly swallowing up our NHS maybe!

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Reckless BBC publishes names and addresses of protestors

This is one of the reasons why I am so sickened at having to pay a licence fee to the BBC.
Their continuous Right-Wing Bias has gone a step too far this time!
By publishing the names and addresses of people who, by the Laws of this Land, have a right to be thought innocent, until proved guilty in a Court of Law (and not via MSM), they have put innocent families at risk of reprisals – and then haven’t even bothered to issue an apology of any description!
This is despicable!


The frequency, scale and nature of attacks on the ‘new left media’ (NLM) are escalating.

Last month, BBC Chair Sir David Clementi made a barely-veiled and misdirected attack on the NLM. He started by complaining about audiences booing journalists for ‘doing their job’ but soon turned to attacking online media, whose freedom to speak out clearly irritates him:

Truth and accuracy are under assault like never before. False claims travel the globe in an instant. And new media channels can speak, unchallenged, to closed groups of audiences.

In fact, of course, the Establishment’s concern about the NLM is exactly that they are not speaking to closed audiences, but instead affect the wider narrative. Equally evident is the fact that journalists often receive boos when they abuse their position – as the above-linked article demonstrated.

On Thursday, deputy Prime Minister Damian Green made an unprincipled attack on the NLM by…

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Thanks to Charlotte and her gang of wonderful helpers, here’s one man who, hopefully, will avoid the fate of Daniel Blake, of the film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’.
What is being done to the people of the UK, who are in need of help, by a very willing Tory government, is a crime against Humanity!

Benefit tales

“Here is an awful case that shows that combined with bad advice, a lack of compassion and Universal Credit can and does ruin a persons life.”

Today was extremely busy, mainly because we now have a new influx of people needing help that had previously been signing on at Stalybridge Jobcentre which has recently been shut down. The impact of a Jobcentre shutting down is massive and it can’t be underestimated, especially in rural areas. How on earth can they expect claimants to walk miles to their nearest Jobcentre is beyond me. But i do know that this is a calculated and cruel move by the government to make it extremely hard for a claimant to fulfil their Jobseekers Agreement, therefore resulting on more sanctions etc.

Here is an awful case that shows that combined with bad advice, a lack of compassion and Universal Credit can and does ruin a…

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