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My local Accident & Emergency department is rammed with suicidal residents going to A and E as they have no where else to go

Read this – and weep for people at the breaking point!

Benefit tales

This was posted today on Facebook by Paula Peters.

“I want to share a couple of experiences of the mental health services cuts with you today.

I have a local CMHT ( community mental health team) in south London, we had three CMHTs it went down to two, and the discharge rate in the last four years is massive. You will only stay under a CMHT if you are on Clozapine medication, other than that you are back to primary care and GP. You can imagine for clients, as the team calls them, what that does for them with no treatment, no support and no supporting medical evidence needed for (disability benefits) ESA and PIP and support for UC (universal Credit) Claims. My local A and E is rammed with suicidal residents going to A and E as they have no where to go, and…

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This Tory dystopia must end

I feel I have to reblog this, and hope anyone else who reads it will do the same.
I don’t want history to be repeated again, especially if it involves the Tory party!

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


Behind Theresa May on the stage in Manchester was a sign which read, ‘Building a country that works for everyone’. I am not sure where this mythical country might be, because we’ve already got one and once upon a time, before Thatcher, it did work better for everyone. Though poverty and hardship had not been defeated, even the most impoverished had access to health care, dentistry, a GP and a range of social support never before seen in our history.

I was part of the first generation in these lands to benefit from all that the war generation succeeded in building for us. The great enemy, fascism, had been defeated, but the domestic enemies of poverty, poor health and housing squalor, had not. The survivors of the war came home to a country in desperate straits. The government of Clement Attlee was voted in and began the process of building…

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Graph shows sheer scale of Hunt’s mental health ‘slip’ – second in two months

Every time this man opens his mouth, a lie flies out!


As the SKWAWKBOX covered yesterday, Jeremy Hunt had to admit that he had given false information to Parliament when he claimed there were 30,000 more mental health professionals under the Tories than there were under the last Labour government. Hunt had stated a figure for all NHS professionals, not mental health professionals.

What most people might not have appreciated is the sheer scale of the ‘fake news’ that Hunt told MPs. Here’s a handy graph created by a SKWAWKBOX reader, with Hunt’s claim on the left – and the reality on the right:

hunt mh graphHunt’s claim of 30,000 was exaggerated by a staggering forty-three times compared to the real figure of just 692 – fewer than a hundred a year since the Tories entered government in 2010.

Theresa May trumpeted the Tories’ supposed achievement in ‘parity of esteem for mental health’ in today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.


Even more astonishingly, this…

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