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Sanctioned pregnant lady, disabled man told to travel miles to travel to his ESA assement. Today’s demo. 

As usual, Charlotte and her gang have been doing their best to help all of those people being abused by the DWP system!
Well done, Charlotte & Co! 🙂

The poor side of life

I couldn’t believe that Thursday had arrived so quickly. I had spent all week covering the Conservative Party Conference and to say that I was tired is an understatement, but people still need help.
I was met at the cafe by a lady that we had helped a while ago. Her life is back on track now and she is doing well. She likes to come and have a chat with me, and I like it to. I regard her as a friend and we sat and put the world to rights.
I arrived at the Jobcentre and set everything up. Thank goodness I wasn’t on my own this week, last week was awful. People soon arrived, arriving at the Jobcentre for appointments many needing food parcels.

The weather is getting cold now, although it wasn’t raining. My thoughts go out to everyone living on the streets.

We spoke to…

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