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Thanks to Charlotte and her gang of wonderful helpers, here’s one man who, hopefully, will avoid the fate of Daniel Blake, of the film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’.
What is being done to the people of the UK, who are in need of help, by a very willing Tory government, is a crime against Humanity!

Benefit tales

“Here is an awful case that shows that combined with bad advice, a lack of compassion and Universal Credit can and does ruin a persons life.”

Today was extremely busy, mainly because we now have a new influx of people needing help that had previously been signing on at Stalybridge Jobcentre which has recently been shut down. The impact of a Jobcentre shutting down is massive and it can’t be underestimated, especially in rural areas. How on earth can they expect claimants to walk miles to their nearest Jobcentre is beyond me. But i do know that this is a calculated and cruel move by the government to make it extremely hard for a claimant to fulfil their Jobseekers Agreement, therefore resulting on more sanctions etc.

Here is an awful case that shows that combined with bad advice, a lack of compassion and Universal Credit can and does ruin a…

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Tory disdain for democracy reduces Parliament to a talking shop

I’m totally gobsmacked at the actions of the Tory Party. I knew they had no regard for the people who actually voted them into power, but this action alone shows just how low they will go to get their own way!
God help us all, if we can’t get them out of power – and soon!

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Older heads than mine may be able to remember a more shambolic and inept government than that of Theresa May. I can’t. However, if that were the only problem, we’d have seen the back of them by now.

Their naked cruelty and obvious disdain for the majority in society marks them out as a clear and present danger to the well-being and prosperity of millions. Can anyone now doubt the basic truth of this statement? However, the handling of the opposition debate on Universal Credit suggests they may be a threat to democracy its self.

This is a party so wedded to austerity, that they are willing to ignore the will of the people, parliament and members of their own party, in order to implement a roll out of Universal Credit. Despite dire warnings that the system will lead to real hardship for some of the most vulnerable people in…

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Overt Tory bias and lie from JRF – Work does not pay more than benefits!

Joe really hits the nail on the head when going through the Tory costings – as usual, the figures are played with in the extraordinary way that Tories tend to do, to prove their continuous lie that Work Pays!

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