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SKWAWKBOX wants your #PIPstories

This says it all, really 😦


brick wall disabled.pngThe Tory government’s treatment of disabled people has been so abominable that it was denounced by the United Nations for its failure to treat people with disabilities as, well, people. A litany of failures included disadvantaging disabled people on education, access to health care, independent living, housing and social protection.

Failures so extreme that the UN categorised it as ‘segregation’.

The government was heavily criticised for piling responsibilities onto local authorities without providing them with funding to carry them out. The lot of people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds with a disability was found to be even more horrendous.

The Tories have learned nothing from their censure by the UN – and they continue to harry people with disabilities.

Over fifty thousand people have had their ‘motability’ vehicles removed. The DWP (Dept for Work & Pensions) heaps routine misery on disabled people, making even those whose conditions…

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