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May’s lie to Queen to cling to power should spark constitutional crisis

I truly hope that one of the Powers That Be will start to wake up, and do something about this!
The fact that we are living with an unconstitutional parliament should surely wake them up, and start acting in a more Democratic way?
But pardon me!
I fell asleep for a minute there, and thought we did actually live in a democracy!
Silly me!


In June, the SKWAWKBOX published government documents and legal analysis by constitutional law experts showing that Theresa May ran out of time, according to constitutional law experts, in her attempts to do a deal with the DUP that would allow her to claim ‘the confidence of the House’, ask to form a government and pass a Queen’s Speech.

Last weekend’s Sunday Times ran a front-page story describing Buckingham Palace sources’ ‘exasperation’ that Theresa May ‘misled’ the Queen by claiming that she had done a deal with the DUP, when in fact it took her another seventeen days to do so:

may times.pngThe key parts – blurred but legible – show that this ‘misleading’ was not the only unprecedented aspect of the post-General Election events. May also delayed the Queen’s Speech to gain time for her negotiations, the first time this had ever happened:

may times croppedMay also angered the Queen by telling…

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