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Our social security has been redesigned. It’s now a welfare deterrent

Everything Kitty S. Jones has written in this post resonates with anyone having to claim help from the government in this day and age.
We truly have been dragged – kicking and screaming in most cases – to the very worst conditions that we could have been – and all to satisfy a sick ideology that should have died with the Victorians 😩

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Hunger and desperation used quite ruthlessly by a “health care professional” to controversially justify refusing a disability support claim. Access to food banks can only happen if you are referred by a professional, such as a doctor or social worker. Furthermore, you can generally have a maximum of only 3 referrals per year. The ESA and PIP eassessment guidance says that a person must be able to walk the distance specified “reliably, consistently, safely and in a timely manner.”

universal-credit.jpgIain Duncan-Smith struggled financially once, but then he got off his backside and was given a Tudor mansion by his father-in-law, the fifth Baron Cottesloe, which proves rewards come to those prepared to make an effort.  Reuters.

“Universal Credit doesn’t go far enough – work won’t pay until people are running naked through stinging nettles to get their benefits.

As Universal Credit develops, it can encourage other skills, so if your

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