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Our social security has been redesigned. It’s now a welfare deterrent

Everything Kitty S. Jones has written in this post resonates with anyone having to claim help from the government in this day and age.
We truly have been dragged – kicking and screaming in most cases – to the very worst conditions that we could have been – and all to satisfy a sick ideology that should have died with the Victorians 😦

Politics and Insights


Hunger and desperation used quite ruthlessly by a “health care professional” to controversially justify refusing a disability support claim. Access to food banks can only happen if you are referred by a professional, such as a doctor or social worker. Furthermore, you can generally have a maximum of only 3 referrals per year. The ESA and PIP eassessment guidance says that a person must be able to walk the distance specified “reliably, consistently, safely and in a timely manner.”

universal-credit.jpgIain Duncan-Smith struggled financially once, but then he got off his backside and was given a Tudor mansion by his father-in-law, the fifth Baron Cottesloe, which proves rewards come to those prepared to make an effort.  Reuters.

“Universal Credit doesn’t go far enough – work won’t pay until people are running naked through stinging nettles to get their benefits.

As Universal Credit develops, it can encourage other skills, so if your…

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Sanctioned for applying for more than one job with an agency. Sanctioned because child was ill.

Do read this, as it’s yet another great Post from Charlotte, that tells the truth about the Tory bullyboys at the Job Centers, and the DWP!

The poor side of life

I have just returned from our weekly Thursday demo and to say that it was busy was an understatement. We are helping more people than ever before due to the closure of Stalybridge Jobcentre. I know that I keep mentioning this, but this is the reality of the situation. When a Jobcentre is shut down it puts extreme pressure on the next town that does have a Jobcentre, and of course the Jobcentre itself. It is abhorrent that people are forced to often walk, some everyday to a Jobcentre that is miles away this doesn’t encourage anyone to get a job, it just demoralises them even more and often makes them ill.

This week I have decided to list a few of the situations that the people that are forced to use Ashton Under Lyne Jobcenre are going through. I say a few, because there are too many to write…

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October 13, 2017 · 9:19 pm

From Invalidity Benefit to Universal Credit: Renaming Benefits Used As Propaganda To Manufacture The Destruction Of Social Security

This post may seem long to some, but every word written by Chris, tells how the Blair Government (who may as well have labled themselves Tory-Lite), and then the Tory Government itself, have slowly, but surely, taken away every bit of support for those who, through no fault of their own, are now dependent on State support – whether through Disability, Low Wages, Child care, or any other stage of life that becomes hard to cope with!
We need to take back the power these cruel billionaires have taken from us, the British public, and then turn things around, to how it used to be, to a time when there was compassion within the government departments, that gave help to those who needed it.
Right now, all of our lives are being made a total misery – and it’s a purely selfish motive, by those in power, who have brought this about!
Read every word in this post, because Chris has got it right!

Enemy In A State

Universal Credit (UC) is the name given by the government to its latest benefit cuts, assault on social security, the poor and the disabled: the most vulnerable groups in society, who, of course, have the least power.

The Tories have already pissed away billions on a completely pointless and chronically dysfunctional IT system for this “new” benefit.

The benefits UC will be replacing range from Child Tax Credit to other means-tested unemployment and disability benefits.

UC has already come under heavy fire with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau calling it a:

a disaster waiting to happen

As many claimants are forced to wait at least 6 weeks (with many waiting far, far longer) for their first payment—pushing families into debt, poverty, starvation and onto the street.

1 in 3 mirror

The name changes given to the benefits system over the years by different governments are all part of a wider propaganda campaign employed by the…

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It’s popcorn time as the Tory implosion intensifies

The Tories are fighting like children in the playground and, while they do, our country goes down the drains – but they don’t give a damn about that, as it will be the Grown-ups – the Labour Party – who will have to try and bring us back to some kind of parity.
The fact that the tories are still spouting the lie that it was Labour that caused the global financial crash – when it was the Tory’s billionaire banking buddies who managed to do that all on their own – says so much about the thinking of the tory party.
Anybody who voted them in, ought to be ashamed of themselves, as they brought into a power the biggest self-serving bunch of brats imaginable – brats that have managed to bring more misery and death to their own people, in the 7 years they’ve been in power, than at any other time in our history!
And it’ll be the Labour Party who’ll have to clean up after them and, no doubt, once again bear the blame! Grrrrrrrr


The self-cannibalisation of the Tory party has been gathering pace since Theresa May’s disastrous conference speech.

Former party chair Grant Shapps claimed to have the names of ‘up to 30’ Tory MPs prepared to ask the ‘1922 committee’ to remove Mrs May. Boris Johnson – with a shameful, casual disregard for those with mental health challenges – in turn attacked ‘nutters’ who wanted to remove May as leader.

Then, on Thursday, former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson savaged current chancellor Philip Hammond on for coming ‘very close to sabotage’ by refusing to budget huge sums of money to cover the ‘no-deal Brexit’ that will take place when the Tories fail to reach a deal with the EU:

Now Conservative back-bencher…

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