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This is the main reason that I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses . . .

I read this post by and, having looked up the scriptures myself, I had to agree with the reasoning made.

Even when I first found out about the paedophilia problem within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, world-wide, and that the governing body were using the 2-Witness rule to counter any accusations made by a child, I couldn’t understand their insistence on using the Letter of the Law as an excuse!

Jesus taught us that people should always come first, and children should be especially protected, and this is what sickened me the most, when I was told that I should ‘Leave it to Jehovah’ to sort out the problem – and, far too many months onwards, the governing body is still using this excuse to cover their own blood guilt at protecting the paedophiles, while allowing children to suffer unnecessarily!

Every week, more half-truths and obfuscations*are spouted by these so-called ‘Men of God’, in defense of the indefensable, and it’s about time they were called out on it.

They consistently tell all the Witnesses that the ‘World’ is bad, and playing politics is even worse, but they are the best Politicians I’ve ever seen – well, they can certainly lie as well as every Tory Politician I’ve been hearing for the last 7 years!

Instead of hiding away in their multi-million pound compound (paid for by every Jehovah’s Witness who has ever given money, property, jewellery and anything else of value, over the years), maybe they should be doing as Jesus did, and protect the defenseless children in their Halls, by acknowledging that it’s a rare thing indeed, for a paedophile to allow a witness to his (or, indeed, her) crime!

Please click on the link, and read the post – you should find it interesting!

via: Allow Me to Disprove Watchtower’s “Two Witness” Policy Using Jesus, Some Grain, and a Withered Hand

*(Wikipedia: Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language. The obfuscation might be either unintentional or intentional (although intent usually is connoted), and is accomplished with circumlocution (talking around the subject), the use of jargon (technical language of a profession), and the use of an argot (ingroup language) of limited communicative value to outsiders.)

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Nurse pay fell £2,440 since 2010. Hammond tells BBC went up 3.3% last yr

If we wrote down all the lies that come out of a tory mouth, and gave a penny for each one, we’d pay off the massive deficit this government has managed to amass in their 7 years of government!

They have managed to build up more debt in 7 years, than Labour ever did, and that’s adding up every time they were in power altogether 😦

Q: How can you tell when a Tory lies?
A: They open their mouths!


Nurses’ pay has fallen by 6% in real terms since the Tories entered Downing Street in 2010 – an average loss of some £2,440 – because pay-rises have been capped at a below-inflation maximum of 1%. They are projected to fall by 12% in total by 2020.

Today on the BBC’s Breakfast, Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond responded to the situation of a desperate, demoralised nurse who can’t afford a home or to start a family – by claiming nurses saw an average pay-rise last year of 3.3%:

Let’s be clear: nurses have not received anything like 3.3%. To try to create a soundbite, the Tories will be rolling overtime, performance pay and promotions and anything else they can think of into some notional income figure to try to justify this false claim – but their own words have given away the truth.

In July, the woeful Liz Truss tried

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Video: Pow! Tory MP claims we’ve never had it so good. McDonnell responds

Unfortunately it’s the willful blindness to the actual true facts of life in Tory Britain, for so many millions of people, that is consistently ignored by there Tory elite!
Rebecca Pow has obviously got a major blind spot to the poverty in her own county, and must only talk to her own peer group where finances are concerned, otherwise she’d realise what a struggle so many households have to make ends meet – and this defiitely includes the working families, as the Tory ‘living wage’ is anything but!


Somerset Tory MP Rebecca Pow thinks we’ve never had it so good. She said so in the House of Commons this morning.

Ms Pow regaled MPs with a tale of how the grateful people of Taunton Deane tell her they’ve got more money in their pockets than ever, and how the Tories are responsible for this supposed prosperity.

Chancellor John McDonnell, gently but firmly, had to remind the out-of-touch Tory of the reality of life faced by huge numbers of people in this country – including millions of children in poverty, many of them in spite of having family members in work:

Original video by @EL4JC. Subtitled version by SKWAWKBOX

It’s not even as if Ms Pow’s own constituency contains no poverty. According to Taunton Deane Borough Council’s Health and Wellbeing strategy document:

  • 14.6% of Taunton Deane households are in fuel poverty
  • Taunton Deane has the highest number of…

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Video goes viral as #AngryCorbyn flays ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories #Budget17

This response by Tory bigots -who, by the way, are being paid thousands of pounds every year, supposedly to represent us, the poeple – is exactly how they feel about any of the multitude of roblems they’ve caused since they were voted into power – by far too many selfish idiots!
Jeremy calling them uncaring is the least of their character defects – but they keep clinging on to power, to the total detriment of anybody who needs a helping hand, no matter what their age, work, or health problems!
If this government isn’t held to account for all the deaths it has caused so far – running into the hundreds of thousands – then there really is no justice left in this bleak, dark world we’re having to live in!


Jeremy Corbyn is not a man known for losing his temper, so when it happens, it makes an impact – and a video of the Labour leader flaying the ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories during his response to the Tories’ weak and misdirected Budget is going viral on social media after it was tweeted by the @EL4JC Twitter account:

Original video by @EL4C. Subtitled version by the SKWAWKBOX

The Tories’ utter callousness toward our most vulnerable people – encapsulated in Hammond’s decision to only reduce the Universal Credit ‘waiting period’ from six to five weeks, instead of the four weeks promised – is reason enough for Corbyn’s fury.

But Labour front-bencher Richard Burgon gave extra information on the Tories’ boorish behaviour and attempts to prevent the Labour leader from even giving his response in defence of the vulnerable that makes Corbyn’s outrage even more fitting:

burgon budget.pngHammond’s budget is already unravelling, with even…

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The Tory government is a crime against the humanity of the nation

Reading this, and knowing that every word printed is the truth, I could weep with my own rage at what this dispicable government are doing to us all!

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


I’ve just transferred some money across to my nieces bank account because she’s gone overdrawn because she hasn’t been paid this month. I did it not just because I care about her, but because I am raging angry, because we always pay, even after we bailed the banks out, we always pay, and bank charges, in particular, drive me incoherent with rage.

You name it, we pay, always. Taxes, excise duties on fuel and the like, passports and driving licences, VAT, bank charges, instant fines, school fines, refuse and waste fines if we put our refuse out in the wrong way, parking charges, including hospital parking charges, even for beleaguered staff, and monster fines if we get it wrong or forget for any reason. Late payment fines for bills. Bailiff charges and court charges and fines for even the most minor transgressions. Government sanctions, and loss of the means of…

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Watchtower Kicks Off 2018 With an Unabashed, Embarrassing Plea for Money

All of this was a recent discovery for me, and it sickens me that so many genuine people are being bilked of their hard-earned money, their property, their jewellery, their savings – while the Governing Body live the High Life in the new Headquarters! 😦

JWvictims | Cult Exodus

Jehovah’s Witnesses often like to brag that they don’t pass collection plates during their meetings; however, as I bring out in the post, “Conventions, Kingdom Halls, Relief Funds, and Other Financial Scams and Schemes of Jehovah’s Witnesses,” they don’t need to use collection plates, as the religion has lots of other ways of raking in the cash. Most prominently, this includes property flipping and real estate sales; as part of a recent civil case brought against the Witnesses, the court noted that Watchtower has some $1.3 billion in real property (see D070723 marked up, footnote on page 18).

Jehovah’s Witnesses also have others ways of collecting money from their congregants; they have “contribution boxes” set up at meetings, assemblies and conventions, and a way to donate through their website. The religion’s leaders don’t keep track of who donates what monies through these means; while this may sound…

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LabourList confirms anti-Lansman candidates are ‘slate’ – then deletes

I have to laugh at Progress and Labour List, in their attempts to make their 3 stooges look like Independants – do they really think we’re that stupid, we can’t see what’s happening here?
Maybe they should learn not to refer to Jeremy Corbyn supporters as Corbynistas for a start?


oops bubbleLabourList published an article this morning crowing about the decision this week of Bermondsey and Old Southwark (BOS) CLP (constituency Labour party) to back Izzard, Baxter and Josan for the three additional NEC places to be elected from the end of this month.

BOS is the home CLP of Momentum founder John Lansman and right-wingers were already crowing about this on social media last night, betraying a certain wilful ignorance about the way local Labour parties work – you’re stuck with your CLP because of where you live, no choice in the matter and Lansman is unlikely to have had time or inclination to start trying to whip votes in a CLP with one of the worst right-wing MPs.

So the embarrassment is minimal – far less, say, than the BOS MP being chastised by members of his own and neighbouring CLPs for his dire behaviour during the General Election…

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