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Did rival faction use sex scandal to target pro-Brexit MP Kelvin Hopkins

I know myself to be quite naive where politics is concerned, although I am trying to learn as much as I can, but I was shocked over the allegations made about Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins, by a young Blairite member, known as Ava.
From everything I’ve read, Kelvin has a stirling reputation, and everyone was shocked when the accusations were made, as they seem totally against everything known about the man and the way he has always behaved.
I couldn’t make much sense of it all, until I read the following post by Tom Pride, of Pride’s Purge and, after reading it, I’m convinced that this is yet another way that the Blairite faction are trying to smear anyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn, and the ideas he’s trying to get implemented!
I really have no idea whether the accuser is doing this off her own bat, in order to get attention – and, presumably, a job – with one of the Blairite team still clinging on to power within the Labour Party, or whether she was duped into making these allegations against Kelvin Hopkins, but I really hope something can be done, to stop this smear campaign being fought by a group of Has-Beens, in order to keep what little power they still have, in the face of such a stalwart opposition in Jeremy Corbyn and his amazing team.
If we have a choice as to who leads the Labour Party, my choice will always be Corbyn and Co., who look to a better future for us all, rather than the Blairites, who may as well call themselves Red Conservatives!
And as for the accuser – I really hope that this was something made up, rather than yet another bit of the sleaze that has recently come to light in Westminster!

Pride's Purge

UPDATE: Surprise surprise. The latest smears are also from a member of the rival anti-Corbyn faction fighting for control of Labour NEC. They really want to get rid of Hopkins.

A lot of people in the public eye – particularly journalists and politicians – seem to be afraid to say this at the moment for fear it could damage their career or their party.

But I’m not a journalist or a politician so I will.

It would be extremely naive indeed to think there aren’t people cynical enough in politics to use the current appalling sex scandals engulfing Westminster for their own nefarious political ends.

Truth is never black and white. It is always complicated.

And so it is with the Westminster sexual harassment cases coming out at the moment.

Some of the accusations are appalling, particularly the accusations that serious crimes been covered up by both the Tory,

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