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The Flippant Jokes about Sexual Harassment – Partly Due to Public School Education?

None of this surprises me very much, and it makes a lot of sense to me. I have often wondered if it was this abuse as children, that led to a Tory Party that is run by those who closed down any feelings of compassion at a very early age? 😦

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Earlier this week, Mike put up a post commenting on this week’s cover of Private Eye and an off-colour joke about sexual harassment by Michael Gove and a letter Labour’s Dawn Butler had written to Theresa May, condemning not only the culture that turns a blind eye to the sexual harassment of female staff at best, and at worst actively condones it, but also finds the whole subject hilariously funny.

Private Eye’s cover is a joke about the venue for the next meeting of the Tory party: it’s a sex shop. And Gove’s joke was about how an interview on the radio was like entering Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom. In both cases you weren’t likely to emerge with your dignity.


Last night, the BBC news comedy show, Have I Got News For You, made the same joke as the Eye, with the same picture. This week’s host, Jo…

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NAMED: The 177 MPs who voted YES to the Bedroom Tax after claiming up to £25K EACH in accommodation expenses.

Yet another despicable act, by the despicable people in charge – for now, that is!

Jack Monroe


177 of the MPs that voted YES to the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday evening, claimed up to £25k EACH in their own “spare bedroom” expenses.

One of the highest claims, Nigel Adams whopping £25k in 2012-13, could pay the Bedroom Tax for up to 30 families in his constituency for a whole year.

Richard Bacon’s constituency is a three hour commute from the House of Commons, yet his accommodation expenses bill averages £450 a week.

Stephen Barclay’s constituency in Cambridgeshire is less than two hours away – and he has the fifth highest claim on the list at over £24,000 last year.


Nigel Adams (CON, Selby and Ainsty). Claimed £25,309 in accommodation expenses. Voted YES to the Bedroom Tax.

Richard Bacon (CON, South Norfolk). Claimed £25,094 in accommodation expenses. Voted FOR the bedroom tax.

Karen Bradley (CON, Staffordshire Moorlands). Claimed £24,849 in accommodation expenses…

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Clive Lewis: “accusations are just not credible – who’d be that stupid?”

I find the accusations against Clive Lewis a tad too useful to the Tory media machine for my liking – especially in the wake of the 36 Tory MP’s who are in trouble for similar reasons – which the MSM are keeping very quiet about, as usual.
Is this yet another Tory-led accusation, made to take the fire away from their problems, I wonder?


The media are making much of claims that Clive Lewis ‘groped’ a woman’s bottom at a Novara Media party. This evening, Lewis spoke to the SKWAWKBOX about the allegations – and his tone was incredulous as much as anything.

Not at the fact that Labour is investigating them, which he applauded, but at the way they were being portrayed in the media.

Allegations absolutely have to be treated seriously and investigated properly, so I welcome the fact that the party is investigating them. That’s absolutely as it should be.

But if you look at the detail of what’s being claimed, it doesn’t make sense. The Independent admits that this was the first time I’d met the woman – she’s complained anonymously, so I can’t say whether I met her at all. I hug a lot of people, but I’d never grab anyone’s backside – but they’re saying that this was…

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