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A defence of “political correctness”

A great piece, Kitty, and I must thank you for clearing up my confusion over the gradual change in the meaning of Political Correctness, and who is using that change for their own ends – I’m just so glad that the way I’ve always viewed it, was actually the correct way 🙂
All we have to do now, is get things back the way that they should be . . . . 😦

Politics and Insights

Related imageThe left believe that in order to address prejudice and discrimination, it’s important to address the language we use as a society, changing it to reflect an increasingly diverse society, where everyone feels at safe, included and one in which citizens attempt to avoid giving needless offence to one another.

By ensuring terms that reflect prejudice are not part of our everyday language habits, it is hoped that as a society, we can cultivate and extend tolerance and basic principles of courtesy, equality and decency to our fellow human beings, reflecting a healthy pluralism. 

However, the right see a conspiracy in “political correctness”. The phrase is used by Conservatives and the far right in a derogatory way that implies hidden and powerful forces determined to suppress inconvenient truths by the policing of language and thought. For the right, political correctness is an hegemonic, stifling and Stalinist-styled orthodoxy, that pressures us…

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