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LabourList confirms anti-Lansman candidates are ‘slate’ – then deletes

I have to laugh at Progress and Labour List, in their attempts to make their 3 stooges look like Independants – do they really think we’re that stupid, we can’t see what’s happening here?
Maybe they should learn not to refer to Jeremy Corbyn supporters as Corbynistas for a start?


oops bubbleLabourList published an article this morning crowing about the decision this week of Bermondsey and Old Southwark (BOS) CLP (constituency Labour party) to back Izzard, Baxter and Josan for the three additional NEC places to be elected from the end of this month.

BOS is the home CLP of Momentum founder John Lansman and right-wingers were already crowing about this on social media last night, betraying a certain wilful ignorance about the way local Labour parties work – you’re stuck with your CLP because of where you live, no choice in the matter and Lansman is unlikely to have had time or inclination to start trying to whip votes in a CLP with one of the worst right-wing MPs.

So the embarrassment is minimal – far less, say, than the BOS MP being chastised by members of his own and neighbouring CLPs for his dire behaviour during the General Election…

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