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Right’s desperation clear in Dent Coad stick-man attack

To this date, nothing has surprised me in the Tory war against everyone but themselves – but for them to stir up this kind of mud, over a sign written in black ink (a colour I always use when writing or drawing anything) is totally beyond the pale – but then, the Tories have been so beyond the pale since they got into power, that they’ve gone around, and come right back again!


The Establishment is clearly very, very, very keen to create a smokescreen to distract from Labour MP Emma Dent Coad’s new inequality report and her steadfast support for her community against the Tory government’s utter failure to respond properly to the Grenfell Tower blaze that took so many lives.

Desperate, in fact.

Over the last few days we’ve seen increasingly desperate attempts to smear Ms Coad as racist, in spite of her huge popularity with her constituents from ethnic communities, but today’s attempt would beggar belief if the Tories hadn’t already killed satire some time ago.

The latest smear attempts to claim that because Ms Dent Coad sketched a ‘hangman’ symbol on the ‘Tory tree’ symbol, it means she was daydreaming about hanging a black Conservative from a tree.

Well, that’s what it quickly turned into. The Fawkes blog didn’t have the wit to make that leap of idiocy and…

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