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Johnson blunder puts UK mum held in Iran at risk

And, once again, someone else must suffer for the idiocy of Boris Johnson!
It’s about time this repugnant toff was sacked – but let’s hope he’s made to retract his statement about Nazanin Ratcliffe immediately!


johnson.pngJohnson: a clown but not at all funny

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has already been responsible for a series of idiotic statements that have caused huge offence in the UK and abroad, through which he tries to bluff his way by with a hem, a haw and a Latin phrase or two.

On 1 November, however, an incorrect statement made recklessly by Johnson has put a UK mother being held in Iran in serious danger, as well-known BBC journalist Julia Macfarlane made clear on Twitter:

Ms Ratcliffe has already served nineteen months in prison of a five-year sentence on charges…

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