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Vox Political’s List of his ‘Inflammatory Rubbish’ Articles Documenting Tory Attacks on the Sick and Disabled

The constant denials of any Tory voter, that they are not to blame for so many thousands of deaths, isn’t surprising at all. Unfortunately, all the tories know how to do is bluster and blame everyone else for their own machiavellan plots and schemes to make themselves ever richer, on the backs of the poor and vulnerable in society.
Their days are numbered, and they know it – unfortunately, for every day they still stay in power, there will be ever more deaths, and suicides, because ordinary people are having to cope with the mess the tories have made of our Welfare State 😦
When will it end?

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This is the amended version of an article I posted earlier, when I had yet to hear from Mike himself about what happened. This was because his blog was extremely difficult to log onto late last night, so I feared Mike had been personally libelled by Stevens – he hadn’t – and that the internet was censoring his replies. It probably wasn’t either, but it has in the past.

Yesterday, Chris Stevens, the Tory councillor for Horley in Surrey, went off on a rant denouncing the articles journos like Aditya Chakrabortty and bloggers, vloggers and disability activists like Mike had put up describing how Tory welfare policies are killing the sick and disabled as ‘inflammatory rubbish’.

So Mike yesterday put up a list of some of his own ‘inflammatory rubbish’ articles to prove exactly that that is precisely what they are not. He states in his brief introduction to the…

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