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Nurse pay fell £2,440 since 2010. Hammond tells BBC went up 3.3% last yr

If we wrote down all the lies that come out of a tory mouth, and gave a penny for each one, we’d pay off the massive deficit this government has managed to amass in their 7 years of government!

They have managed to build up more debt in 7 years, than Labour ever did, and that’s adding up every time they were in power altogether 😦

Q: How can you tell when a Tory lies?
A: They open their mouths!


Nurses’ pay has fallen by 6% in real terms since the Tories entered Downing Street in 2010 – an average loss of some £2,440 – because pay-rises have been capped at a below-inflation maximum of 1%. They are projected to fall by 12% in total by 2020.

Today on the BBC’s Breakfast, Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond responded to the situation of a desperate, demoralised nurse who can’t afford a home or to start a family – by claiming nurses saw an average pay-rise last year of 3.3%:

Let’s be clear: nurses have not received anything like 3.3%. To try to create a soundbite, the Tories will be rolling overtime, performance pay and promotions and anything else they can think of into some notional income figure to try to justify this false claim – but their own words have given away the truth.

In July, the woeful Liz Truss tried

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