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Video goes viral as #AngryCorbyn flays ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories #Budget17

This response by Tory bigots -who, by the way, are being paid thousands of pounds every year, supposedly to represent us, the poeple – is exactly how they feel about any of the multitude of roblems they’ve caused since they were voted into power – by far too many selfish idiots!
Jeremy calling them uncaring is the least of their character defects – but they keep clinging on to power, to the total detriment of anybody who needs a helping hand, no matter what their age, work, or health problems!
If this government isn’t held to account for all the deaths it has caused so far – running into the hundreds of thousands – then there really is no justice left in this bleak, dark world we’re having to live in!


Jeremy Corbyn is not a man known for losing his temper, so when it happens, it makes an impact – and a video of the Labour leader flaying the ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories during his response to the Tories’ weak and misdirected Budget is going viral on social media after it was tweeted by the @EL4JC Twitter account:

Original video by @EL4C. Subtitled version by the SKWAWKBOX

The Tories’ utter callousness toward our most vulnerable people – encapsulated in Hammond’s decision to only reduce the Universal Credit ‘waiting period’ from six to five weeks, instead of the four weeks promised – is reason enough for Corbyn’s fury.

But Labour front-bencher Richard Burgon gave extra information on the Tories’ boorish behaviour and attempts to prevent the Labour leader from even giving his response in defence of the vulnerable that makes Corbyn’s outrage even more fitting:

burgon budget.pngHammond’s budget is already unravelling, with even…

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