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Reckless BBC publishes names and addresses of protestors

This is one of the reasons why I am so sickened at having to pay a licence fee to the BBC.
Their continuous Right-Wing Bias has gone a step too far this time!
By publishing the names and addresses of people who, by the Laws of this Land, have a right to be thought innocent, until proved guilty in a Court of Law (and not via MSM), they have put innocent families at risk of reprisals – and then haven’t even bothered to issue an apology of any description!
This is despicable!


The frequency, scale and nature of attacks on the ‘new left media’ (NLM) are escalating.

Last month, BBC Chair Sir David Clementi made a barely-veiled and misdirected attack on the NLM. He started by complaining about audiences booing journalists for ‘doing their job’ but soon turned to attacking online media, whose freedom to speak out clearly irritates him:

Truth and accuracy are under assault like never before. False claims travel the globe in an instant. And new media channels can speak, unchallenged, to closed groups of audiences.

In fact, of course, the Establishment’s concern about the NLM is exactly that they are not speaking to closed audiences, but instead affect the wider narrative. Equally evident is the fact that journalists often receive boos when they abuse their position – as the above-linked article demonstrated.

On Thursday, deputy Prime Minister Damian Green made an unprincipled attack on the NLM by…

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