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Jeremy Corbyn’s greatest success is the discrediting of neoliberalism

An excellent read, and well worth reblogging!

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Jeremy Corbyn Labour conference speech in full (2017)

One of Corbyn’s most important achievements is in extending national debate beyond the limits of neoliberal ideology and challenging the hegemony imposed by Thatcher. The sell by date was last century, it expired in Pinochet’s Chile. Yet the Tories continue to sell England by the pound, while selling the public very short indeed.

The Tories have frequently shrieked, with vindictive and borderline hysterical relish, that Labour’s pro-social economic policies reflect “fiscal irresponsibility”, but that doesn’t resonate with the government’s calamitous economic record over the past seven years. Nor does it fit with historic facts and accuracy. 

The Labour party were in power when the global crash happened. The recession in 2007/8 in the UK was not one that happened as a direct consequence of Labour’s policies. The seeds of The Great Recession were sown in the 80s and 90s. The global crisis of 2008…

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Here’s a Tip for You, Theresa

After reading this, I had to reblog it, as evry word is so true!
I, too, was privileged to be able to get my further education free and, as the first in my family to get a degree, I’m proud of that fact – so to see my children’s generation be burdened with a terrible debt totally sickens me!
We need change, and quickly, if our children, and their children (if they can afford them), have the same chances we were given!


cristian-newman-364529 Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

So, in a desperate attempt to win back young voters, the Tories have decided to freeze tuition fees and raise the threshold at which students must start repaying.


I’m sure that’ll have them flocking back to the Tory party in their droves. I’m sure the (ever so impartial) British media, will trot out a young person, whose mind has been brainwashed changed by this and now pledges their allegiance to the Tories. Most likely Theresa’s best pal, Laura Kuenssberg, will applaud the move as a brave choice and proof that Theresa is listening to the electorate, isn’t she great!

Well, I have a tip for the Conservative party,

If you want to win back young voters,

Stop destroying their lives!

A little personal history for you.

My family were working class, we grew up in a modest house that my parents bought with…

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