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‘Odd couples’ article misses point – shows Establishment still rattled by Pidcock

Laura Pidcock has been a breath of fresh air, ever since she was voted in as an MP, and I truly wish that more of the ‘old-school’ Labour MP’s would start to emulate her thinking.
Unfortunately, there are still a few die-hard Labour MP’s serving among the Party, who continue to have the same, awful, views that Blaire and his cronies did when in charge of ‘New’ Labour – where ordinary people, and those who are so very vulnerable, are the last thing they think of – unless it’s as a target to blame for the world’s ills!
There really still IS a ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ attitude in this country, brought about by these basic divisions, and it’s about time it was got rid of!
NOBODY, whether rich, or poor, is superior to anyone else – OR entitled to better treatment – just because they were fortunate enough to be born into monied families.
We are all born naked, and we all go to our graves taking nothing with us, so to continue to treat those with less, as if they were beneath contempt (which, unfortunately, is still the prevailing attitude among so many Tories), just because they didn’t have all the advantages money can buy, is beyond contempt.
No, MP’s DON’T have to look on each other as enemies (even though Tory MP’s have been treating Labour MP’s as a joke for far too long), but ANY MP who wants the best for their constituents, rather than the hell-on-earth being made for them with every Tory policy made so far, must know they can’t be Pals with their opposite number in Parliament?
There has been far too much of this chumminess, made at the price of too many deaths, especially of the most vulnerable in our society. This terrible list has grown ever bigger, especially over this last seven years of Tory government, and I really do feel that it’s this inability to separate who is for, or against, such powerful issues, that has caused so very many people to give up any hope of a better future – which has made people stop caring, and stop voting, and has allowed those who are just hungry for power to rise to the top, rather than having decent men and women fighting hard for the rights of those constituents who voted them into that power in the first place!
What most of the MP’s who vote for the policies that are killing us all forget, is that Loyalty goes both ways – and the worse we’re treated, the more likely it will be that they will soon be out of a job!
There must surely be one or two Tory MP’s who see the terrible harm being done to the people of the UK, people who don’t have the advantages of wealth, or a so-called ‘good’ birth?
If so, they are keeping very quiet, so it really IS up to our Labour MP’s, just like the amazing, brave, and very vocal, Laura Pidcock, to start working for things to be improved for ALL of us in the UK, not just the Few – which is, after all, the Labour slogan!


A Gaby Hinsliff article in today’s Observer lists a number of supposedly-unlikely parliamentary ‘odd couples’ under the emetic title:


The piece amounts to little more than a barely-veiled attack on Labour MP Laura Pidcock, who shook the Establishment with her SKWAWKBOX interview in August, in which she expressed her hatred for Tory policies and her lack of interest in letting Parliament’s ‘clubby’ atmosphere change her opinion of the Tory MPs who pass them: the enemy of her constituents.

The impact of that interview – termed by one right-winger ‘the interview that launched a thousand comment-pieces‘ – is still being felt. The depth of the shock-wave it created could be perceived in the avalanche of attacks on Ms Pidcock by Establishment journalists and politicians.

Ms Hinsliff’s article has been published, coincidentally or otherwise, on the same weekend that Laura Pidcock, in an interview with Owen Jones, reaffirmed  her…

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