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Why May’s Speech At Tory Conference Was Truly Shameful

What I experience myself as a disabled person is bad enough, but this post has totally shocked me!
The fact that May is keeping this family history so quiet speaks to me of embarassment or shame – and shame is something she should feel – but never will!
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Enemy In A State

I don’t normally talk about the family members of politicians because I don’t think they should be used to make political points as they aren’t choosing to put themselves up for election and to be public figures, etc.

However, Theresa May, during her already, rapidly, notorious (for all the wrong reasons) speech today at Tory Conference briefly spoke about her upbringing.

I’ve been tempted to bring this subject up many times myself, given that both I and May have something quite unique in common.

I also do not usually speak much about my own personal life and upbringing—however, May’s speech today has so enraged me that I will make an exception.

Both myself and Theresa May have mothers who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—a horrendous disease of the central nervous system, causing extreme pain, blindness, the loss of limb movement, memory loss, incontinence and many other awful disabling symptoms: sufferers…

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