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Tories reeling after SIX by-election losses as #CorbynSurge continues

Now this is the kind of news we need to see more of!
The more seats Labour win, the less power the Tories have – and it can’t be too quickly done, as far as I’m concerned!


Last night was dubbed ‘Super Thursday’ by some media outlets because it saw no fewer than fourteen council by-elections. It wasn’t ‘super’ for a Tory party now reeling from losses to Labour – and even two seats to the Greens.

The results broke down as follows:

teale.jpgThe ‘1 result to come’ was another Conservative loss. The Tories nosedived even in some of the constituencies they managed to hold – and in one lost seat their vote share fell by a massive 42 percentage points.

Tellingly, Labour also gained in Scotland while the SNP lost share – and seats:

fortissatcardonaldUnsurprisingly, the BBC made little or no mention of the results, as Twitter users pointed out:

Labour’s gains…

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