It’s David Gauke and the government that need to change their behaviours, not poor people . . .

via It’s David Gauke and the government that need to change their behaviours, not poor people


Everything Kitty Jones says in her post (link above), at Politics and Insights, is so true of the behaviour of this government today.

The fact that they are still in total denial of the effects their policies are having on the most vulnerable people in society, says everything about them, and Kitty shows time and time again in her post just what those effects are, and how things need to change, if we want to save what’s left of our welfare state.

But the one thing that is getting to me, more and more, is the silence of the Labour Party, where Universal Credit is concerned!

Instead of asking the government politely if they wouldn’t mind pausing it for a while, to sort out the built-in problems the tories wanted it to have in the first place, they should be screaming from the rooftops to stop it completely, and to go back to the way people were helped before the tories decided to blame the poor for being poor!

Until the tories are ousted from government, more and more people are going to be suffering – many of them, to the point of death!

Who will be brought to account for all the thousands of deaths that have already occured since the tories grabbed power?

Who will pay for all the misery caused by those made penniless, and homeless – including thousands of children – while the tories live fat on the hog?

When did this country decide they were going to ignore all these deaths, just as the german citizens did with the jews, before the second world war?

Didn’t our country learn anything about that awful period in our history?

Or is it just the case that most people don’t care, as long as it’s not them suffering? 😦

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