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Nearing the cut-off date!

I’ve been so busy with my course work, and other studies, this last few weeks, there haven’t been enough hours in the day to come on to my blog, let alone write anything in it! 🙂

I’ve been unable to sleep tonight, so I thought I’d come along here, and catch you up with what’s happening with my studies – obviously quite a lot, of course! Lol

I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone with this next TMA work, busily writing the script of my TMA 01 story, and editing, editing, editing!
I’ve been amazed at how much my story has had to change, so that I can transcribe it into a radio script, and having to change a very visual prose into an oral peice has been very difficult at times. I managed to do it, though, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Lol

The blood, by the way, was where I cut my finger on some paper – don’t laugh, that really hurts, you know! {g}
The sweat was caused by wrestling with my story, and trying to keep the core of it as true as I could, while changing so much at the same time. 😩
The tears were when I couldn’t see a way forward – luckily I managed in the end!

So I’m now at the point where I’ve got a – rough – draft of my TMA 02, and I’ve even managed some commentary and references as well! Lol

Now all I have to do, is get a willing ear (my daughter is visiting, so guess who I’ve selected. Lol), and I’ll read it all, timing as I go, to make sure I’ve written the fifteen minutes of radio script I’ve been asked to do. 
I just hope, and pray, that I’ve witten enough because, if I have to find any more, I feel my creativity will be sadly lacking at this stage :/

Anyhoo, I’ve got until the 8th January to fine-tune this minor miracle, and then all I can do is keep everything crossed that I’ve done enough, and well enough, to pass this next TMA! 🙂

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