I got my results.

Well, I got the results for my TMA06 – 69% – and am very happy with them!
I really had thought I would get a low one on this, but to stay within my average is great.
I’m supposed to be studying the next block at the moment, but a mouth abcess has given me a fever that doesn’t seem to want to go away, which means I’m having a job concentrating on anything at the moment.
I saw my dentist today, and he’s given me some antibiotics, so I hope they’ll start working over the next few days, so I can start thinking clearly enough to study, as I’ve really been looking forward to studying Shakespeare, which is what we deal with now.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, and we had our annual 3-day conference in Cardiff last month. It was called ‘Follow The Christ’ and dealt with everything to do with Jesus.
I didn’t manage to get to the conference this year (although nearly 10,000 others did), as my health has been so bad, but friends brought back a new book released, called ‘Come Be My Follower’, which also is all about Christ, his life, his ministry, and the sacrifice he made in his death.
I find it very hard to put the book down, and have been reading it avidily. I’m loving all the details given about him, and I decided that I’ll probably do a series of blogs with a synopsis of each chapter or, if I’ve the time and energy, I may write the whole thing, a section at a time, as it’s far too interesting to leave anything out! lol
I don’t know if I’ll do the blogs here, or whether to start a completely new Blog just for this, with maybe a link to it from here? I don’t know yet, so I guess I’ll pray about it, and see what comes up.
Talk to you soon!


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2 responses to “I got my results.

  1. Kat

    Hi Carole,you have my every sympathy having to wait for you TMA results. I’m especially fortunate in having a tutor who is quick about sending them back, but so many students seem to have to wait an absolute age!Thanks for the congratulations – I guess I should look upon my marks as good – considering my health – but it’s hard sometimes.I hope you don’t have too many problems with your hands – I know how bad it can be with pain there – you do have my sympathy :~((.


  2. Hi Kat,Now how did I find my way here? As a fellow OU student, may I congratulations on your good marks. I am still working on the last TMA for my course and have to wait at least another week for TMA05 to be returned as my tutor is at present on holiday. your health problems make mine (osteoarthritis in my hands) seem insignificant).


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