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I got my results.

Well, I got the results for my TMA06 – 69% – and am very happy with them!
I really had thought I would get a low one on this, but to stay within my average is great.
I’m supposed to be studying the next block at the moment, but a mouth abcess has given me a fever that doesn’t seem to want to go away, which means I’m having a job concentrating on anything at the moment.
I saw my dentist today, and he’s given me some antibiotics, so I hope they’ll start working over the next few days, so I can start thinking clearly enough to study, as I’ve really been looking forward to studying Shakespeare, which is what we deal with now.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, and we had our annual 3-day conference in Cardiff last month. It was called ‘Follow The Christ’ and dealt with everything to do with Jesus.
I didn’t manage to get to the conference this year (although nearly 10,000 others did), as my health has been so bad, but friends brought back a new book released, called ‘Come Be My Follower’, which also is all about Christ, his life, his ministry, and the sacrifice he made in his death.
I find it very hard to put the book down, and have been reading it avidily. I’m loving all the details given about him, and I decided that I’ll probably do a series of blogs with a synopsis of each chapter or, if I’ve the time and energy, I may write the whole thing, a section at a time, as it’s far too interesting to leave anything out! lol
I don’t know if I’ll do the blogs here, or whether to start a completely new Blog just for this, with maybe a link to it from here? I don’t know yet, so I guess I’ll pray about it, and see what comes up.
Talk to you soon!


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