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Pressing That key again!

Here’s the latest picture of my bundle of trouble, Tomkins – I titled it: ‘What Happens if I Pull This?’

I have to confess to being guilty of pressing that key again!

I couldn’t resist it any longer, and pressed the key that would reserve a place for me in October’s A215 course! lol

I know I’ve got my Shakespeare short course starting in Feb., but I know how popular the Creative Writing course is, and was afraid it’d get booked up early, so I did the deed, and now i’m just waiting for the forms etc., so I can pay for it.

On the medical front, I had the operation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my right hand on monday – and, once again, I did it under a local anasthetic. The surgical staff were brilliant and, as with my left hand, it took a total of ten minutes for the actual op!

I was fortunate to be seen when I was but, as a lot of wards were closed because of this awful bug going around, it left the theater free for minor ops, and so I was phoned on friday, and asked to come in on monday.

I was also fortunate that my dutch friend, and fellow sister in the truth, Mirjam, happened to be here when the call came, and she offered to take me up there, so I was able to say ‘yes’ straight away.

So, I am sitting here, typing this blog left-handed (thank heavens it’s not handwriting, otherwise you’d never be able to read it!). It’s taking me a lot longer to do, but I’m determined to keep on! (grin)
Talk to you again soon!

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