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Nearly there!

Well, another couple of days, and I can have my stitches removed – and you don’t know how glad I’ll be when they are!
A couple of days after the op, I had to have my dressing changed for the first time, and it was discovered that my wound had gaped slightly, so I had the underlying muscle pushing through the area.
A butterfly stitch was applied, in the hopes that it would heal OK but, on the next change, it was slightly more bulged, so the nurse applied some silver nitrate to the open area, and it has started to heal up nicely at last!
In the meantime, my hand is itching like mad, which is good, in that it shows that the healing process is going strong, but which is also driving me nuts, as the area is too tender to scratch – I do hope the removal of the stitches eases the itch a little! lol
As far as my studies are concerned, the online access for my Shakespeare course becomes live on the 22nd, so I am very much looking forward to discovering my fellow students, and what is expected of us in this course.
Strangely enough, although I’ve had my course books for the last week (amazingly, the comb-bound stuff came at the same time as the ordinary course books!), I haven’t once been tempted to open them yet – definitely not like me – but I guess pain brought on by my various complaints, that are reacting to this atrocious weather, and an itching hand from the op., have been distracting me somewhat!
I’ll, hopefully, get swiftly back into study mode once the course site opens in a couple of days, and it’ll be all systems go for studying the Bard!
Talk to you again soon!

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