Giving Up!

Well, for the first time since starting the OU, I’ve had to phone up and cancel a course once I’ve started it!

It took me a lot of heart-searching before I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t giving the course the attention it needed, and deserved, and so I had to do the only thing that was right – both for my own health and peace of mind, and for the sake of the other OU students who were not getting the cooperation necessary from me, as part of a tutor group.

I have to confess that it’s made me very depressed that I couldn’t cope with this one, as I had been so looking forward to working on a couple of Shakespeare plays but, by the time the course had started, my health had taken a turn for the bad, and I couldn’t make head ‘nor tails of the work I needed to do – which is one of the problems with having Fibromyalgia, as it causes memory problems, let alone the constant pain, and lack of mobility. Grrrrrrrr

I’m really hoping that the weather improves soon, as it will then give me some relief from the pain – and I’m praying that I’ll be improved enough by October to start the Creative Writing course I’ve been hoping to do – ah well, it looks like I’ve got to learn a lot more patience!


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2 responses to “Giving Up!

  1. ah, now I’ve read a bit more, I realise you are starting the A215 in Oct, and not the A363, doh!I think you will love the course and there is one thing you must do – that is to Write Every Day, from now on – this will give you heaps of head start, tho’ the NaNoWriMo will have done that already!


  2. Hi Kat, I sooo sympathise with you! I’ve had to cancel a May start L1 course due to a back problem that is not going to go away, grr! I have also signed for 363, so good luck with this!


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