A slight feeling of renewal!

It’s not much but, despite my depression at how things have turned out, when I got an email from the O.U. telling me that the forms will be coming soon for me to confirm my place in the A215 course, a feeling of hope sprang forth in me.
A conversation with my daughter the other day, where she was talking about joining me on the course, made me feel that, at last, there was light at the end of the tunnel – and then I had a couple of lovely comments from a fellow writer, and it made me feel that – yes – I will be able to do the course in October!
So this set-back I’ve had is just that – a minor set-back, that can be pushed aside, and left to a part of the experience of being disabled, but with a determination to reach that goal of a BA!
I’ve just got to get myself a bit better health-wise before I start – and do what I’ve been advised to do – get writing!


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2 responses to “A slight feeling of renewal!

  1. Kat

    Now that WILL be a hard decision!(grin)


  2. So glad you are feeling better, Kat. Good luck with the course, and hope you’ve decided which kind of notebook to use for your daily writings! K xx


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