Nothing’s going well . . .

Well, I’m still battling ill-health, as I desperately try to keep up with my course work.

I’m about a week behind everyone else at the moment, and I’m finding it very hard to keep up a sustained study routine. Every time I get into study-mode, yet another headache happens and, as my eyes start going all wobbly, with the flashing lights that are always a precursor to a migraine for me, I then have to immediately stop what I’m doing, or suffer the consequences ūüė¶

This is making for a very disjointed study routine, and I’m forgetting everything I’ve read by the time I can go back to it – which is oh-so-very frustrating for me! Grrrrrr

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon, and he’s ordered a whole raft of blood tests for me to have next week, so I’m just hoping something comes of it. In the meantime, he’s prescribed me something that will, hopefully, give me a little more energy, so that I don’t keep falling asleep over my books!

The Block I’m studying at the moment, is all about picturebooks, and how they are¬†perceived¬†by both adults and children, and¬†I¬†must say, what little I’ve been able to read so far, has been very interesting.

I just hope I can keep on studying it all over the next few weeks, as I’d hate to get so behind again, that it makes it awkward to be able to do my next TMA!

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