Two minds

I have t wholeheartedly agree with Kate here – what is being done to ordinary citizens, purely because they were born in certain countries, is totally outrageous – and that goes for our own country, too!

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For anyone ‘in two minds’ about Trump’s Muslim Ban. (Although how you can be is something I’m trying very hard not to think about. But it is a thing, apparently).

No. I know it’s not being called the Muslim Ban officially. The Holocaust wasn’t called the Holocaust officially either. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. (If you are a Holocaust denier, fuck the fuck off. You are unspeakable).

The details of the detainees support the fact that it is a Muslim ban. The statement by Rudy Giuliani that he was asked by Trump to find the way to enact a Muslim ban supports it (which you can actually watch, by the way). The fact that other travellers from the seven countries on the ban list are being let in and there are reports from other faith groups in those countries that when they have visited US embassies to check if…

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