Brendan Mason’s brutal murder reflects the darkest consequence of bias motivated behaviour.

After reading this, despite the distress it caused, I felt I had to repost it, as Kitty’s words couldn’t be truer.
I’ve watched over the last couple of decades as our society has become ever more brutal in its actions towards the blameless. Where people, more often than not, turn away when seeing violence done to others, rather than protesting against it. Where our governments, and the media who support their disgusting ideologies, deliberately goad the public into thinking that those who need a helping hand to survive, are to be seen as useless, and are scroungers, and a liability!
As one of those people being given these labels, I object, strongly, to being told I’m worth nothing, purely because I became too ill to work anymore!
At a time when technology is taking over most of the traditional jobs available, it will become harder and harder for anyone, healthy or not, to find part-time jobs, let alone full-time ones, so to blame the disabled, ill, poor, and elderly for all the ills that were actually brought on by a greedy few, who own most of everything in our country, but still want even more, this is an unconscionable act, that truly deserves the scorn that they have been aiming at the blameless in our society.

All it takes is a bit of thought , some investigating into the stories being told, and an honest appraisal of both the government’s actions, and the media’s lies, and everyone would be able to see the direction this is heading and, frankly, I’m scared silly at the view I’m currently seeing 😦

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Brendan Mason, who was brutally murdered by two young men he thought were his friends.
Picture courtesy of the Leicester Mercury

Warning: this article was very distressing to write, and is likely to be very upsetting to read.

Two men who filmed themselves savagely beating a young man with learning difficulties and taunting him, telling him to “smile for the camera”, have been sentenced by Leicester crown court to life imprisonment for his murder. 

In the early hours of 5 July last year, Joshua Hack, aged 21, and Keith Lowe, 22, lured Brendan Mason, a 23 year old man with learning difficulties, to a park, where they said they wanted to spend time with him. Mason believed the two men to be his friends.

When the three of them arrived at the park, Hack and Lowe hung Mason from a tree. They took turns hitting him while the other held…

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