New Tory youth movement ‘Activate’ deletes webpage after ridicule

So this is the face of Tory Youth . . . . . if so, I’ve definitely gone back to mine! Lol

Pride's Purge

Oh dear.

The Tories have launched a new organisation called ‘Activate‘ in a vain attempt to capture the youth vote.

The organisation is supposed to be run by and for young people.

But if that’s true, why does the Activate website keep referring to young people as ‘them’ and ‘their’:

Could it be because Activate is actually being run by a bunch of old farts from Central Office?

Or is it because the organisation’s Chair is middle-aged Tory councillor Gary Markwell – who is also Tory MP Nick Herbert’s campaign manager, someone not particularly known for his youth-orientated views?

And why – within hours of the launch – did the Tories delete the page from the new Activate website which showed the names and faces of its leadership?

Mind you, to be fair, I wouldn’t want everyone to know I was involved in such an embarrassing project…

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