Shocking, graphic illustration shows depth of Tory police cuts

Yet another way the Tories are making life so much less safe than before they conned their way into power!


When the government broke its own rules to put troops on British streets in the aftermath of the terror attacks to fill gaps in police cover, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed that Theresa May had authorised the deployment of troops before the official start of Operation Temperer – and that she and her Home Secretary Amber Rudd had stripped a UK anti-extremism unit bare in order to release resources for Brexit.

Theresa May put us all at risk in her pursuit of the Tories ideological and counterproductive agenda.

In 2010,  England and Wales had 143,737 police officers. According to the Home Office ‘Police Workforce Data’ published in July, we now have 123,142.

Che Donald, the national lead on firearms, tasers and police mental health for the Police Federation of England and Wales, looked at these numbers and translated them into a shocking graphic:

dfmw5fxvwaaoptnThe loss in police numbers…

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2 responses to “Shocking, graphic illustration shows depth of Tory police cuts

  1. creativeveganspirit

    It’s so sad. In the last year I’ve been subjected to verbal homophobic abuse twice, when out and about. It wasn’t like this before. When I reported what had happened (the first time) The police station had no reception desk. I had to ring a call centre to let the officer know I was there. It wasn’t so long ago you could see officers walking the streets- that presence was important.

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    • Unfortunately, the Police Force are also another thing this government has cut back on – to the point they had to ask the army to help out when the terror attacks happened.
      Yes, Homophobic attacks, both verbal, and physical, are as much on the up as disabled abuse, I’m afraid – and it’s all planned out by the Tories in their race to make as much money as possible, before we wake up as a nation, and get rid of them!
      Once again, they are also planning to have their rich buddies make lots of money, by using private firms instead of our police – another sell-off of our democracy, in their rush to make as much money as possible 😦


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