Tories’ evil sanction regime in a horrific nutshell

This is the face of the Tory Government in 2017.
Deliberate, vindictive, abuse of power, that totally ignores the hell they are putting people through – just because they aren’t rich and successful!
Why aren’t the British Public standing up and telling them that they are wrong?
Why are the Media of Britain staying silent on stories such as this one, when it would be so easy to let the public know what’s been happening for the last 7 years?
Why has our once-caring society turned into people who don’t give a damn – unless it’s affecting them personally?
Unless something is done, and soon, there will be even more deaths than the thousands that have already occured since the tories took power, and it could so easily have been people, such as Vince and Julie Rodger, who were left to suffer in silence!
Please share this story as much as you can, and get people seeing what is happening in this country?


dwpp3The Tories have been censured by the UN for their vile abuse of disabled people and benefit claimants – not a fact that you will see much mentioned in the mainstream media, apart from small articles tucked away in website corners.

Even such news fails to bring home the full horror of the regime of routine abuse that the government has constructed against vulnerable people. It speaks eloquently of the international disgrace that the Conservatives have brought on this country, but less of the awful reality of that everyday abuse.

For that, we need human stories. This is one.

The husband of a severely disabled woman received a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). Unsurprisingly, as he’s her primary and busy caregiver, by the morning of the appointment he’d forgotten about it. He told their story on Facebook:

dj82jzdx0ai5gzvFor missing that appointment, the DWP removed Mrs Rodger’s…

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