R4 Today’s GQ editor interview is BBC’s 3rd Corbyn ‘fail’ in ten days

I’m really sickened by the so-obvious way that the BBC is using their clout to blacken Jeremy Corbyn’s character.
This is a man of principle, who is doing a brilliant job against the mounainous odds against him – with the Tory machine gunning for him at every turn.
The sooner the tories are chased out of office, and Jeremy replaces May, the better for this country!


At around 7.45 this morning, BBC Radio 4’s ‘flagship current affairs programme’, interviewed Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ magazine. GQ have just released the cover of their latest magazine, due for publication next week, featuring a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

corbyn gq.pngJones was allowed several minutes to describe Corbyn in a variety of disparaging ways, from a ‘grandpa’ pushed around by his ‘minders’ to a ‘wizard of Oz’ character lacking in substance, as well as describing the supposed disillusionment of young GQ staffers who had expected him to be able to ‘turn water into wine’.

Jones was also allowed to describe the interview as ‘torturous’ and to describe Corbyn as ‘myopic’, ‘divisive’ and shallow, claiming that when asked he was unable to name his business advisers or any book he had read.

All without serious challenge or probing from his BBC interviewer.

The interview prompted a ‘pile-on’ by…

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