Plastics – to Use, or Not to Use . . .

I’ve just been reading a post in a Blog called Chris and Shana’s Waffle Experience
and had to agree with Chris’ reaction to the thought of having to do without all the things we use in everyday life, made from plastic.

I have to admit, when I learned, fairly recently, the news that even the smallest of sea life is being affected by our use of plastic, I began to feel really guilty at my using acrylic yarn in my crocheting – plus all the multitude of things used around the house, that Chris had already mentioned.

But, after sitting and thinking about it, I realised that, even if I could afford to get rid of as much plastic in my home as possible, it would make my life even harder than it already is 😦

We have very little money, so can’t afford to replace things with natural replacements – such as replacing our plastic double-glazed windows with a wood equivalent, or buying wool carpets, instead of man-made material ones – and I definitely couldn’t do without my double glazing!

It doesn’t help that I read blogs by people who are actually making all these changes a little at a time but, when I mentioned it all to my hubby, he made me realise that, if we just make a few small changes in our home ourselves, at least it would be a start, and I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed with guilt 🙂

I’m busy making a ton of xmas pressies at the moment, thus reducing my yarn stash by at least a half so, when I get to order more yarn to replace what I’ve used, sometime in the New Year, I’ve decided to pay that bit extra, and try to use as many natural products as I can, instead of just using acrylic.

I’ve found I really enjoy using cotton yarn, and I even had some silk yarn last year, that I used to make my daughter something with, but it was very expensive, for a small amount, so I’ll be looking at bamboos and other, natural, mixes when I shop next.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m allergic to so many types of wool, I would have started the ball rolling long ago, but I’ve been told that there are some amazing natural yarns out there now, so I’m going to enjoy myself trying as many of them out as I can.

But, as far as the plastics in our home are concerned, at least we’ve stopped using plastic carrier bags when shopping now, so that’s one thing we don’t have cluttering up the place, and we re-use as much plastic packaging – that we get when receiving things through the post – as we can, too!

All those baby steps may not seem much, but if we all do it, it’s bound to make a difference – especially if the scheme, here in the UK, to put a deposit on plastic bottles goes through – then I’m sure it’ll be a good start in helping to clean up our seas, and protect our wildlife, around the world! 🙂


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5 responses to “Plastics – to Use, or Not to Use . . .

  1. Every little helps. I do my best but it can feel like an uphill battle. I think packaging and labelling controls should be stricter; the fat/sugar/salt/calorie content on foods should be displayed on the front of packaging alongside the recycling information, with companies given a deadline of when to make all packaging recyclable. The single-use plastic bag culture is thankfully dying out in the UK, I look forward to hearing what the government’s next step will be.

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  2. Honestly, I don’t think you should stress about replacing anything. The most sustainable thing you can do, is to use the the things you have as long as you can. It is better for the existing plastic to be in use than float idly in trash. And you can put your effort towards minimizing additional plastic in your life. For example, I re-use the flimsy plastic bags used for fruits and veggies in supermarkets. I keep a dozen at the bottom of the shopping bags, so I will always have my own when I go shopping.

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    • Yes, what plastic bags we still have in the house, are used, and reused, until they fall to peices. I have a cloth market bag I use on the rare occasion that I go out to shop, and it is so sturdy, that I don’t envisage it wearing out for many years 🙂
      I have a fridge, freezer, hoover, and washing machine, that were bought new in 2000, and I’m only just now having to admit that the washing machine really does need replacing – and I’ll do it with reluctance. But I will look after, and nurse, any new one I have to buy, as well as I did this old one :/
      I was brought up by a very frugal Mum, and make everything we own last as long as possible (I even used to turn worn sheets – and even my hubby’s collars – at one point!), as I just can’t bear to waste anything, and will use it to death 🙂
      I live in west Wales, and the one thing I miss here, that I grew up with in England, is Jumble Sales! My Mum clothed all of us kids (there were 7 of us) with jumble sale clothes, and I never felt bad about it, as we all knew it was helping Mum with her finances, and was also keeping items of clothing going for far longer than normal – it’s such a throwaway world nowadays, that I despair sometime – so doing anything to make what we own last that bit longer should be celebrated, rather than derided!
      I guess consumerism is the thing to be blamed for that kind of thinking, as this promotes buying new all the time 😦


  3. It’s important not to beat ourselves up and feel that we are failures. There are all sorts of little things that we can do… and replacing existing plastics with natural products (e.g. or double glazing or carpets) rarely seems to be the best thing to do first.
    Some small things you might consider are using loose tea instead of bags and changing from liquid to solid soap (liquid soap and shower gel always come in plastic bottles, whilst it’s relatively easy to get soap wrapped in paper, or even unwrapped). As for the yarn – I gather that the cheaper stuff sheds much more readily than the good quality types. Perhaps letters to a few yarn companies raising your concerns and asking them what they are doing about it would be worthwhile… I’m thinking I might initiate a Twitter campaign for this.

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    • Yes, the teabag thing really hit home with me, too – it amazed me when you wrote about the plastics involved in that!
      We tend to get a powdered tea, as that’s what hubby enjoys – and I drink an eco decaf coffee, which I always order in bulk, which saves a lot of packaging etc.
      I have to admit, I can’t stand bar soaps, so I guess I’ll have to shop around, and see if I can get my liquid soap in bulk, too, then just refill the containers I do have – every little helps, doesn’t it? 🙂
      The Twitter campaign sounds like a good idea, though, so do let me know if you do decide to try it, yes? 🙂


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