The questions Hunt must answer on his americanised-NHS plans

So many of the people I know are totally clueless about what’s going on with the privatisation of the NHS, so I really hope you get some answers to your questions, though I’m not going to be holding my breath waiting for any!
Far too many people are listening to the lies being constantly put out by the media – and especially the BBC, about all this, and it frightens me that there is still so much ignorance about it, despite the constant, mostly harrowing, results of Tory Austerity plans.
To have an American system of health care (which is only care if you are rich enough to afford it), will be a total disaster to millions of Britons, brought up with the ethos of complete health care, from the cradle, to the grave!
When the tories got the American Insurance companies involved, they started an avalanche that will cause the poor, benighted, people of this country incalculable harm – but then, that always was the tory way – and I’m gobsmacked that people didn’t remember this when they voted the bumbling ididots back into power!


hunt gormlessJeremy Hunt is in the middle of an enormous stealth-reorganisation of the NHS into ACOs (accountable care organisations), modelled along the lines of the hugely inefficient US healthcare system. According to healthcare experts:

  • Like Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, the introduction of Accountable Care Organisations is being done in replacement of a single, English NHS, with the loss of all national risk pooling and finance pooling.
  • ACOs are designed to not automatically serve everyone in a given area, the way the NHS would have done. E.g.: They are only obliged to deal with individuals who are registered with them.
  • They have artificially restricted, pre-set budgets that are cut so as not to cover all of people’s healthcare needs, the way the NHS otherwise would have done. This means people will be denied care, which the 2012 Health and Social Care Act laid the groundwork for by removing the…

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