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Hello from the stranger!

I blush with embarrassment as to how long it’s been since I last posted!

My only excuse, is that I have, firstly, been too busy getting into the start of my course and, secondly, am just getting over a strain of the swine flu currently swathing itself through the rank and file of my family and friends 😦

Apart from the health aspects, which have affected already ongoing health problems, I also had to deal with writing my first TMA of the course, which came at least two weeks earlier from the start of the course than any first TMA I’ve ever done. So there was a very short period of learning between the beginning of the course, and having to write it. But I managed it – which is a minor miracle in itself, believe me! 🙂

I’ll know exactly how well I did within a few weeks, so I’m going to be very anxious about my results until then! I just hope my illness didn’t affect my creative ability too much. I know the first TMA isn’t as important as later ones, but it’s still worth 15% of the overall course marks, so I’ll just have to hope I did okay.:/

As for the course so far – well I’ve enjoyed the first two weeks enormously, as I was dealing with things familiar to me from my level 2 Creative Writing course. Unfortunately the third week is a blur, as that’s when I was going through the worst of the flu symptoms – I’ll have to go over that part of the course again once I’ve got a bit of time spare – and the week we are given to prepare and write our TMA was a mad rush of trying to get better, and writing what I hope will be at least a creditable attempt at a story!

What I am looking forward to – with a heavy dose of trepidation – is the next section, as this is where I learn, and attempt to write for myself, about script writing. I’m going to be learning how to change the story I’ve written for my first TMA into a script on this second part, and I beleive it’s now we have to decide which type of script we’re going to be pursuing throughout the course. With the story I’ve written, it’s very probable that I’ll be changing it into either a script for film or TV – I won’t know really, until I learn more about the subject. But I’m looking forward to learning about it anyway!

I’ll let you know how I got on when I get my TMA results – and I’ll also be letting you know how the learning about script-writing comes along! 🙂


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