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Disabled people are terrified of another Tory govt. Here’s why. #GE17

I’m a disabled person, and I, too, am terrified of yet more time under a Tory regime.

I am sickened that thousands of us have died needlessly because Blair and his ‘New Labour’ pals decided to start the ball rolling, and put the diabled in the target, and then the Tories took over, and all they have been doing is to make things 400 times worse for us ever since.

All of this seems to be happening with barely a whimper of protest, rather than the huge roar that there should be happening, by the great british public!

I thought I had been born into a democracy, made great by my parent’s and grandparent’s sacrifices – but it doesn’t feel like a democracy, when just one political party can turn the UK media against it’s own people ūüė¶

We are left without a voice, without a hope, without any kind of decent life, and every person that votes for the Tories, come June, are putting ever more nails in our coffins.

So, when June comes, let’s say goodbye to May, and vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party – where people come first!


The plight of disabled people under a Tory government seems to be receiving little attention from the media in this election battle. The public needs to be aware what they will be condemning people with mental or physical health problems to if they vote Tory in the General Election.

Tories attack disabledImage courtesy of twitter.com/ukdemockery

As an excellentarticleby the Canary pointed out earlier this week:

Since 2010, the Tories have cut, among other things:

  • The Independent Living Fund (ILF), which previously supported people with care packages. Since the government cut it, in some areas 88% of people have seen their care packages reduced by up to 50%.
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for sick and disabled people in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG) by a third. This will affect 500,000 people. 55% a week from ESA for sick and disabled 18-to-25-year-olds. 51,000 disabled people‚Äôs
  • Motability vehicles, which were important for‚Ķ

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