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What I don’t understand about Conservatism

I’m re-blogging this post from Kitty S Jones, as it really explains a lot to me about the workings of Conservatism.
Like Kitty, I really can’t get my head around the way that any conservative thinks and, to be honest, after reading her post, am eternally grateful that I can’t!
It makes me all the more determined to do my best to see a Labour government in power, on June 9th! 🙂

Politics and Insights

Image result for conservatism ukI don’t understand Conservatism or the lack of rationale of its supporters.

As an ideology, it lacks coherence and scope. Conservative policies lack an empirical evidence base.

It doesn’t take very much critical scrutiny to understand that it is purely ideology (as opposed to socioeconomic needs) and traditional class-based prejudices and moralising that drive Tory legislation. Conservative rhetoric seems so random and inconsistent to me. We have an extremely regressive and authoritarian government with something of a feudal vision, thatclearly hasno problem with disregarding andcontravening the human rights of some social groups – especially those groups that are deemed “protected”.

The Conservatives have no problem dismantling the progressive social gains of our post-war settlement (for example, legal aid, social housing, the NHS, the welfare state). The same government wants to bring back the ancient and barbaric ritual of fox hunting, yet it has the cheek to claim…

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Why we should all resist the Tory art of distraction

Jeff, your post is very thought-provoking, and I have to say I feel exactly the same. I don’t think my 17 year-old self would recognise the angry person I am today.
I’ve always hated injustice, but I’ve had to live through far too much of it since the tories got into power, to be able to reign it in the way I used to be able to.
Too many of my friends and family are, like me, having to live with the results of this so-called austerity, which was brought on us by the rich elite.
We need to get the Labour Party into power, so we can at least see what can be done for all of us, instead of just for the rich and powerful.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

The General Election has entered familiar and predicable territory. The Tories, struggling to resurrect a failing campaign, devoid of policy and, well, any campaigning, have opted to distract and smear instead. It’s a sign that they are terrified and ultimately a backhanded compliment for Labour.

However it is important we challenge their attempts to pull the wool over our eyes. Their obsession with dredging up long lost quotes and comments and their desire to distort for their own ends, is worrying. If it’s not challenged, politics could become a sterile exercise, with people terrified to voice opinions for fear of falling outside the ‘mainstream’.

I’m nearly fifty now. It actually pains me to write that. Not that I’m ashamed of my age. It’s just, well, I really don’t know how it happened. Like many of you reading this, it feels like one minute I was 17, then I blinked and…

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