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Guardian Documentary on Disability Rights Caravan in Bolivia

As a disabled woman in Britain, my heart goes out to those people, in Bolivia, who are fighting their government to make them deliver on their promises of a small pension – something they need,in order to survive.
The brutality with which they were treated, by their government, made me feel sick – and terribly afraid – as I feel that, if the tories win the general elecetion, it won’t be long before we disabled in Britain face a similar form of treatment, especially with all the evidence that has already been gathered about the thousands of people who have died unnecessarily here in the UK, due to our governments’ fake austerity measures, that have been aimed at the disabled, the ill, the poor, the weak, and anyone else unable to fight back!
It feels as if the whole world has turned into a playground for the rich, and an ever-increasing nightmare for everybody else.
I just hope and pray that the protesters in Bolivia are able to change their fellow people’s minds into helping them as they should do!

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This video by the Guardian was recommended by one of the many great commenters on this blog. It’s a 30-minute long film about a caravan of disabled people and their carers in Bolivia. The protesters were marching to claim the £70 a month pension disabled people have been promised by Evo Morales government. The blurb for the video runs

People with disabilities are among the most discriminated against in Bolivia. Fed up with being ignored, a group of them march across the Andes to the seat of the government in La Paz, asking to speak to President Evo Morales. They are met with riot police, barricades, teargas and water cannon

Headed by determined leaders, including Rose Mery, Marcelo, Feliza and Miguel, the protesters camp on the streets a block away from the main plaza near the government palace. For the first time in Bolivia’s history, police erect 3m-high barricades, station…

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