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Today’s demo. Tears, anger and frustration.

This wonderful lady spends every week helping people through the mazes of the job centre, and gives many people the hope of an improvement in their lives – this is so very well done 🙂

The poor side of life

I always start writing this blog by telling you how I feel that today’s demo has been. Well today felt somewhat similar to our early demos, when Universal Credit was being introduced and neither the claimants nor the Jobcentre staff had a clue as to what to do. The Jobcentre staff however at times took full advantage of this and tried to pull the wool over most claimants eyes. Today the frustration of a system and staff that are constantly working against them was very apparent.

As soon as I arrived so did the food parcels. I have a dislike of being late so I always make sure that I am on time. Gordon was on the ball with picking up the food parcels so this was brilliant.

The queue had already started to form across the road. There is a handy place to sit and keep an eye out for…

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