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Huge: senior police officer says May lying re police nos/security #GE17 #Kirkham

If this situation weren’t so deadly serious, I would be laughing hysterically by now.

Out of the mouth of the police authority itself, we are told that the cut in the police force – made by Theresa May herself, when she was Home Secretry – has made the fight against terrorism in this country almost impossible to fight properly!

How can one party – the Tory party – get away with such bare-faced lies, and for so long?

I’ll tell you how – they control at least 3/4 of our media – with most of it being owned by just 6 – extremely wealthy – people, who want to keep that gravy boat the Tories have created, kept filled to overflowing – into their tax haven bank accounts!

Never mind all of the British people being killed by terrorists – none of these rich elite give a real damn about us – only what they can bleed us for 😦


An extraordinary, frank attack on Theresa May by a senior police officer, live on television, needs to be seen by every person in this country:

Former Metropolitan Police Senior Investigating Officer Peter Kirkham states categorically that Theresa May’s claims that there are more police and more armed police on the streets than ever before is a lie, amid an excoriating assault on her credibility, honesty and on her fitness to keep this country secure.

And he’s right – as this chart of police numbers in England shows:

police nos.png

Mrs May has been called out by someone who knows the truth. Make sure everyone knows it.

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