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Grenfell, inequality and the Conservatives’ bonfire of red tape

In my wildest dreams, I could never come up with the post that Kitty S. Jones has written below, about the fire at the Grenfell Towers, about responsibility, and about the price of human life.

She says everything about the way that I, too, feel, along with so many others of us, and especially about the way the Conservative Government look upon the working class, and the vulnerable, almost as if we are a disposable commodity, that can be replaced easily, and used until we die.

When I learned that they had offered only 5 million pounds to help the survivors of the fire, after spending 19 million pounds on their election expenses I saw, with a chilling clarity, the truth of the way in which they really regard those people who are not one of the elite billionaires that they prefer to mingle with – and it sickened me!

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Residents were trapped "screaming for their lives" as flames raged through a 27-storey tower block in Notting Hill in the early hours todayThe Grenfell Tower fire reflects a colossal betrayal of working class people’s trust by the state. The Conservatives have emphasised “economic growth” at the expense of citizen’s welfare in their policies since taking office in 2010. This is a government that has rewarded the propertied class and punished the renting class (by inflicting policies such as the bedroom tax, and the welfare cap, for example). It’s a government that values and supports profiteering landlords, who have lobbied against essential safeguarding regulation, and one that has also imposed massive local authority budget cuts. 

It’s estimated that there are more than 700 tower blocks in London. These range from the brand new luxury apartments to the post-war council-owned buildings which were seen as a convenient cure to problems caused by the crumbling and unsanitary 19th Century slums.

Around 8% of Londoners now live in tower blocks. Some of the flats are bought…

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