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The biggest threat to our national security and safety is authoritarian Conservative posturing and their arms deals with despotic states

I sort-of knew that this kind of thing was going on, both with Blair’s New Labour, and with the Tories, but had no idea of the depths that these people would go to, just to gain for themselves.

Neither of them seem to give a damn about the ordinary person in the UK – only money seeems to register with them!

Many thanks for this very in-depth article, Kitty – I just hope to God it got seen by enough people to make some difference to the elction today, and that enough people voted for the Labour Party to make a difference!

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The recent terrible cold-blooded murder of innocent men, women and children means this is not the time for partisan politics. Every one of the lives lost is a horrible tragedy. The consequences of the loss for each family will be difficult and painful to bear. Now really isn’t the time for political posturing and opportunistic electioneering.

4872Illustration: Martin Rowson

Theresa May, who has already pledged that the Conservatives will regulate and control the internet, was much more aggressive in her tone than previously. The London Bridge attack had its roots in Islamic extremism, she said: “We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services, provide.”

I don’t recall the IRA depending on the internet. Or mobile phones for that matter. There were there no “safe space” online social networks to “radicalise”…

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