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Judicial review rules benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against lone parents

Will working class people, who vote for the Conservatives despite their lack of care for us all, only wake up to the Tory false promises, and harsh neoliberal ideals, after everyone else has been sacrificed, and they are the only ones left on the Block?

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The  Conservatives have been dealt a blow by a high court judgement today, which ruled that the government’s highly controversial benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against lone parents with young children. The imposing of a benefit cap on tens of thousands of lone parents with children under the age of two is not only unlawful, it has has resulted in “real damage” to the families affected, the high court has ruled.

The judicial review challenge brought by four lone parent families, concerned the reduced benefit cap introduced by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. The revised benefit cap drastically reduced housing benefits, leaving lone parent families across the country unable to afford basic life necessities to care for their children.

Mr Justice Collins has ruled that the application of the revised benefit cap to lone parents with children under two amounts to unlawful discrimination and that “real damage” is being caused to the claimants…

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Satirical Video of Boris Johnson’s Car Crash Interview with Eddie Mair

This is about the level of intelligence we’ve learned to expect, when questioning any Tory!

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Boris Johnson: he really should eat more roughage.

I found this video on YouTube of that interview Boris Johnson gave with Eddie Mair, in which the Tory leadership contender and former editor of the Spectator failed to answer Mair’s questions on what was in the Queen’s Speech for correcting harsher sentences against Blacks in the courts and improving the lives of the mentally ill. Boris couldn’t answer the first one, and after umming and ahhing tried to answer the second, before finding out that he couldn’t answer that one either, and tried to go back to answering the first question again. At which point Mair told him this wasn’t the Two Ronnies’ Mastermind Sketch, ‘Answering the Question before Last’.

Mair then went to mention all the policies May had said she would implement in the Tory manifesto, policies which had the support of 17.1 million people, but which had…

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May refuses to confirm she’ll fit #sprinklers to tower blocks #Grenfell

. . . and yet another lie exposed with the Tories, who will say just about anything to keep in power, rather than do what must be done to help save lives!


Chris Williamson, newly-returned MP for Derby North, asked Theresa May a straight question in the House of Commons today. That he didn’t receive a straight answer will surprise no one who’s paid any attention to May’s vacuity.

But this question was about tower blocks. And fires in tower blocks. And sprinklers. And firefighters. Nine days after the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Here’s the video of the question – and the ‘answer’ – so you can watch as May dances around it and tries to avoid committing to anything while trying to sound like she actually meant what she had said earlier about being ready to make sure there’s never another ‘Grenfell Tower’:

May spent the Grenfell Tower debate trying to shift blame onto anyone else – in fact, her eagerness to avoid taking responsibility for anything was probably the nearest she has come to transparency in her political career.

But the…

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